Class Ducky17

Ducky17 appeared as a lightweight version of the model Ducky19. Smaller overall dimensions, when assembled or packaged, create less complexity during operation and are ideal for a two-person crew. As practice has shown, this catamaran has excellent seaworthiness, which allows it to be used not only in short races, but also in autonomous rally races. Today this class is one of the most active and is deservedly popular among fans of racing and traveling.

The prototype model was created in 2005. The serial production of the model began in 2006.

Technical data of Ducky17

Length (m) 5.1
Width (m) 2.4
Diameter of floats (m) 0.54
Jib sail area (sq.m) 2
Main sail area (sq.m) 8
Main sail area (sq.m) 11
Carrying capacity (kg) 350
Weight (kg) 85
Time of Assembly \ Disassembly (min) 70 / 35
Crew (pers.) 2-3
Sail material Mylar / Dacron
Type of hull PVC inflatable
Year of creation 2005