Class Ducky15

Catamaran Ducky15 was designed as a universal boat with an emphasis on managing alone. This is the basic model, which, subsequently, gave rise to the emergence of two new models – Ducky14s and Ducky16. A simple and reliable design has proven itself not only in beach use, but also in rally races in fairly difficult weather conditions. In competitions, the crew of a catamaran can vary from one to two people, depending on the presence or absence of an additional sail, the gennaker.

The prototype model was created in 1998. The serial production of the model began in 2003.

Technical data of Ducky15

Length (m) 4.5
Width (m) 2.0
Diameter of floats (m) 0.5
Main sail area (sq.m) 7.5
Gennaker sail area (sq.m) 9
Carrying capacity (kg) 300
Weight (kg) 55
Time of Assembly \ Disassembly (min) 45 / 25
Crew (pers.) 1-2
Sail material Mylar / Dacron
Type of hull PVC inflatable
Year of creation 1998