Class Ducky14s

Ducky14s appeared as a result of the evolution of the Ducky15 model. The prefix “s” – from “sport”, indicates that in this model, the emphasis is on the sports component. At first, the idea was to make a more sporty version based on the Ducky15, by adding sail. During the experiments, it was understood that it is possible to obtain the desired result using other constructive solutions. As a result, a brand new catamaran, the Ducky14s, was born. This catamaran has a pronounced sporty character and is designed for active yachting with a crew of one person. Rigid design and two steering wheels provide control in extreme conditions.

The prototype model was created in 2012. The serial production of the model began in 2016.

Technical data of Ducky14s

Length (m) 4.4
Width (m) 2.2
Diameter of floats (m) 0.45
Main sail area (sq.m) 8.5
Gennaker sail area (sq.m)
Carrying capacity (kg) 200
Weight (kg) 65
Time of Assembly \ Disassembly (min) 30 / 20
Crew (pers.) 1
Sail material Mylar / Dacron
Type of hull PVC inflatable
Year of creation 2012